Bobcat Miner 300

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Important Reminders

1. Only send USDC/ERC20.

2. Deposit of wrong tokens, addresses, or networks cannot be recovered.     

3. Instruction on how to pay with Coinbase and Binance.

4. Estimated shipping time is 12-20 weeks from order date. 

5. We cannot ship to a PO Box.

6.  If you are new to Coinbase you MUST complete a KYC verification prior to starting your order. IF you complete the KYC during the order process it can lead to a delay in your payment. This can timeout the transaction and you will not receive an order confirmation. 

Frequency Information

1. Choose US915 for North America or EU868 for Europe.

2. US915 do not work in AU915 or AS923 regions and such deployments are illegal without certifications.

3. Certifications for AU915 and AS923 are in progress & we expect new SKUS to be ready in Q4. 

4. We do not support AU915 or AS923 regions now and advise customers to wait for the new SKUs.

For latest info on payment, order, shipping and more, checkout the FAQ page.