Bobcat OTA Update - 7/13/2022
Bobcat OTA Update - 7/13/2022

Bobcat pushed the latest OTA update at 9:00 pm PDT on 7/13/22.

The following updates occurred in this OTA:

Bobcat Firmware version bumped to

Helium Firmware version is still 2022.06.09.0 GA

This is a Bobcat Firmware system maintenance update.


  • B. van Dijk

    Helium is almost dead. The number of activities (and therefore also rewards) is still drastically decreasing. And almost every week there is something going on. Either on the network or there is another update. Just a little while and we can better use our miners as bookends or coasters.

  • Andre Stolmeijer

    bobcat not working anymore. Not witnessing.

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